Whenever you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, it’s best to take your time with your choice. One step makes all of the difference.

I remember coming dreadfully close to being hit by a car. I was distracted by my thoughts and proceeded to legally cross the street when a car racing to make the light crossed inches in front of me. Had my pace been slightly quicker, had I taken one step faster then the previous, things would have taken a fatal turn.

This is an ideal metaphor for the choices we make and the pace at which we resolve an issue. Don’t be so hasty to make the right decision. Take care to understand the severity of a life altering choice. Treat it as carefully and diligently as you would choosing which smart phone to purchase. We do seem to use more attentiveness for the most trivial matters these days — cell phones, social media posts, fantasy league players.

Take more care with your decisions, especially those that will have a drastic effect on others. You are not alone in this world. The sooner we realize that, the more careful we should hope to be.

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